It's time to add some WOW to your space. Let us help you create an amazing LED sign that is uniquely yours, and that is sure to light up your life!



Because of how we MAKE our products

we MAKE our signs CUSTOM for you

Every sign is custom made. You can get cool LED lights, strips, signs from anywhere and everywhere these days. But we MAKE each sign specifially for you. No one else will have your specific sign and that makes it special to both you and to us!

we MAKE our signs to be ACCESSIBLE

We want to MAKE signs for anyone and everyone to enjoy. So we provide a wide variety of sign types, styles, and sizes in hopes to make them ACCESSIBLE to everyone for purchase

we MAKE these with Quality in mind

We do our best to make sure all of our signs leave our shop in great condition, packaged safely, and that they are made from the best parts possible. We cut and engrave all our own acrylic from massive sheets ourselves. And while we dont manufacturer the LED bases, we work closely with our suppliers to make sure they are constantly tested and improved upon. With some of our lower cost bases, we provide a 90-day warranty

we MAKE these with LOVE and PASSION

We LOVE what we do. We have a PASSION for creating these awesomely unique signs for people. We MAKE things that MAKE people smile, and that's all that matters

  • Rachel says:

    "This seller was one, if not the best, seller I have ever interacted with. They responded insanely fast and were so polite and willing to work with me. 100/10 would buy from again!!!"

  • Thomas says:

    "5 out of 5 stars

    It looks STUNNING! I ordered one for my girlfriend for christmas and I have to say, absolutely nailed it. She is so happy about it! It came with a remote and a USB cable to plug it in (can run on 3xAA batteries) and it just looks absolutely phenomenal. I would certainly consider shopping here again!"

  • Kelly says:

    "Extremely fast turnaround time, product was exactly as advertised and hubby loves it! 5/5"

Who we are

Hi! We are Chris and Holden. Long time friends, gamers, and owners of That LED Co. Our shop, and the products we create, come from a passion for making awesome custom LED designs to help light up your life!

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